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The Nov Mercenary is one of the most powerful and dangerous groups in roblox game called electric state darkrp. this is one of the groups has several corrupt mayors on there side meaning they'll have control on government as well. not only they hold one of the most powerful armies in electric state darkrp, they're also the most well developed group in electric state darkrp.

there jobs are mostly given by there leader, ranked field marshal in the group, or 5 star commander. there job is to extortionate groups (especially mafia ones) take over servers and make mayors corrupt to join there side.

Caution: this is a very dangerous group, if you refuse what they demand for example, they demand a free shipment of cola and if you refuse, you'll get a minimum of 2 days KOS and a maximum of 10 days KOS (for a regular citizen) so its the best to give what they demand rather making your shop destroyed raided and even get killed!

Trivia: Edit

More information:

  • They're armed with Famas rifle
  • They're the most developed and modernized group in the game.
  • They have the most corrupt mayors on there side.
  • They're also called as the server takers.
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